How Kwik Case Works

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Kwik Case® FAQs

Does my AV collection need to be a certain size to successfully implement the Kwik Case system?
No. Kwik Case works well with any size media collection.

How many Kwik Cases will I need?
It depends on your circulation rate. If your circulation rate is 40%, you'll need Kwik Cases for the 60% of your collection in your library at any given time.

How will my security system work with Kwik Case?
Kwik Case is compatible with your existing security system. Your security strip or target is affixed to the inside of the case, safe from tampering. Any security strips are inside the Kwik Case, which never leaves the library, and desensitization is not necessary. This saves valuable staff time at checkout!

No Security System?
Many of our customers use Kwik Case alone to sucessfully secure their media without the use of securtiy strips or door alarms.   

How much does Kwik Case cost?
Call us today at 800-345-3480 and get your pricing!

Still skeptical? Good. The most thorough shoppers are now our best customers. We'll send you sample Kwik Cases and our magnetic detacher to try for yourself. Click on Request Samples or call us at 800-345-3480 ext 26 for a free sample kit.